Guardians of Jewel


Welcome to the Realm of Jewel!  I'm Angelina and I am so glad that you are visiting!  I've been telling all my stories to a very dear friend, Lynn, who has been letting everyone in the Earth Realm know of the wonderful place I get to spend half my time in.

I bet that confuses you, but you see an Oracle messed up and now I live half the year in Jewel and half the year on Earth.  I've made some wonderful friends in my new home! 

For instance, I never knew that dragons actually exist!  Not only do they, but they are some of my best friends!  There are also Hawk and his knights from the Realm of Knights, a very noble group of young warriors.

I hope you will visit here often, as I love to share stories of my home and will be here often to share with you.  This site is all so new to me, so it may take me a while to really figure it all out:) 

Dragons of Jewel will be out soon!  Learn the stories behind the first dragons on Jewel mountain.  Will be available on Amazon on April 1, 2014